SecureWorld Virtual Career Fair


The talent gap in Information Security today makes finding skilled candidates harder than ever. Matching the right people to the right roles is mission critical.

The Virtual Career Fair is a unique venue to connect InfoSec practitioners with select employers and first-rate security openings. SecureWorld draws from a community of more than 80,000 cybersecurity professionals and solutions providers—developed through our 14 regional conferences and 15 years of experience in the field.

Whether you’re an active or passive job seeker, the Virtual Career Fair will help you discover new opportunities for career advancement. Register today!

SecureWorld Career Network is your source for career development resources and employment opportunities. Find valuable guidance, best practices, and testimonials to inspire your career path in the exciting field of cybersecurity. Visit for more information.


SecureWorld Virtual Career Fair provides the opportunity for:

  • Live conversations between recruiters and candidates via instant chat.
  • The uploading and submission of candidate resumes for various job listings.
  • Interaction with fellow attendees in the Networking Lounge.
  • 30 day archive period for both the candidates and recruiters.

Explore the Virtual Environment

View images of the virtual environment spaces.